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At Varcon Group we understand that not all land is created equal.

Melbourne’s premier sloping block
designers and builders.

With years of experience in the construction industry, Varcon has mastered the art of turning challenging sloping terrains into stunning architectural masterpieces. Our team of skilled professionals understands the unique complexities involved in building on sloping blocks and has the expertise to navigate any obstacle with ease.

At Varcon Group, we understand that not all land is created equal. If you’re the proud owner of a sloping block in Melbourne, we’re here to transform the challenges it presents into an exceptional opportunity. With our expertise in sloping block design and construction, we specialize in creating stunning homes that maximise the unique characteristics of your land while delivering uncompromising quality and style. Don’t let the challenges of a sloping block hold you back from achieving your dream home. Embrace the unique potential it offers and partner with Varcon Group, Melbourne’s leading sloping block designers and builders. Together, we’ll create a home that not only embraces the natural contours of your land but elevates your lifestyle to new heights.

Frequently asked questions
What needs to be considered when you are building on a sloped block?

Designing and constructing on a sloped block presents unique challenges and opportunities. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind: The design parameters of the space and land, the orientation of the general surroundings, neighbouring properties, and the direction of fall on the land.

Is there a higher cost to building on a sloped block?

Yes, building on a sloped block typically incurs higher costs due to the need for additional site works. These may involve retaining walls, excavation, and other structural elements to ensure the stability and safety of your property.

Will a sloped block affect the value of my home?

Building on a sloped block doesn’t necessarily affect the value of your home negatively, in fact, it can unlock a world of possibilities. When executed correctly, a sloped block can offer a unique and beautiful living environment that sets your property apart. We specialise in transforming challenges into opportunities, crafting homes that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the land while providing a distinctive living experience.

Sloping Block Specialists
Sloping Block Specialists

Innovative solutions for building on a sloping block.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that sloping terrain presents, we excel in crafting innovative and structurally sound solutions.

Our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals is adept at maximising the potential of such landscapes, ensuring that your home not only harmonises with its surroundings but also offers unparalleled views and functional spaces.

Split Level Homes

Split-level homes offer a distinctive living experience with staggered multiple levels. It’s crucial to approach the planning and design of these homes meticulously to avoid overlooking issues that may impact neighbour relations and the future value of your property. Diligence during the design phase is key to the success of the overall result.

At Varcon Group we have a unique ability to turn
challenging topography into distinctive and functional homes.


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