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Crafting distinctive commercial spaces

Varcon are an active Developer
and construction partner in the
Victorian commercial sector.

Welcome to Varcon Group’s Commercial Building division, where innovation meets functionality to create exceptional business environments.

With decades of experience, Varcon Group stands as a trusted partner in delivering commercial spaces that reflect the highest standards of quality, design, and craftsmanship. We work closely with you, architects, and industry experts to ensure that your commercial space is not just a building but an asset that represents your brand and supports your operations effectively.

Innovative Commercial Design
Innovative Commercial Design

Elevating business spaces through unwavering excellence.

Our diverse portfolio of commercial projects includes everything from modern office complexes to dynamic retail spaces. Each project showcases Varcon Group’s commitment to creating commercial environments that seamlessly blend form and function, offering businesses spaces that are both inspiring and practical.


Years of experience

Varcon Group is more than just a luxury home builder.
Through 49+ years of experience, Varcon Group have built a reputation for high-quality custom construction.


Satisfied Clients

Over the years, working together as a close-knit team, we’ve built our ability to deliver excellence to our valued clients through a more personalised offering.


Multi Award Winners

2022 Business of the Year – MBEA
2022 Sustainability Leadership – MBEA
2021 Best Display Home over $1mil – HIA
Commercial Builders Melbourne
Trusted commercial builder
Trusted commercial builder

Committed to sustainable construction practices.

Varcon Group will remain committed to reducing out impact on the environment by continuing to discover new and innovative ways to design and construct materfully planned developments now and into the future.


At Varcon group we always strive to be at the forefront of efficient design, always pushing the boundaries in more efficient construction methods, material’s and design elements.


Varcon Group is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy our meticulously designed spaces.


We are deeply rooted in community engagement, contributing to the vibrant neighbourhoods we serve.


We are constantly pushing boundaries in design and construction to create cutting-edge solutions.

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