Luxury House Builders Doncaster

Creating sustainable and functional buildings that make a lasting impact and inspire human endeavour.

Business of the Year 2022 – MBEA
Sustainable Leadership 2022 – MBEA

Designing environmentally friendly and practical buildings that cause a lasting impact and inspire human pursuit.


Years of building experience

Varcon Group is not just a luxury home builder in Doncaster. Through 49+ years of experience, they have crafted a reputation for top-quality custom building.


Satisfied Clients

Through the years, by functioning as a tight-knit group, we’ve established our name on our ability to provide outstanding service to our cherished clients in Doncaster through a tailored approach.


Multi Award Winners

2022 Business of the Year – MBEA
2022 Sustainability Leadership – MBEA
2021 Best Display Home over $1mil – HIA
Luxury Construction Doncaster
Luxury Construction Doncaster

Delivering exceptional architectural designs.

Over our almost fifty years as a luxury home builder in Melbourne, we have become known for our high-quality construction solutions that integrate sustainability, functionality, and innovation. Recognizing the importance of every project to our clients, we provide a smooth and beneficial experience from start to finish.

Knockdown Rebuild Doncaster
Knockdown Rebuild Doncaster

Transform your existing home or block of land in Doncaster.

Live where you love. Transform your existing property into a fresh canvas, where modern designs and functionality converge, or build your dream luxury home from scratch on your block of land. With meticulous planning, advanced construction techniques, and a keen eye for detail we bring your vision to life.

Building Services Doncaster
Building Services Doncaster

Not merely a construction firm; we are collaborators in transforming the built environment.

Varcon Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality. In Melbourne, our portfolio includes commercial construction, interior design, government projects, and consulting services.

Architecture with people in mind. Delivering inspiring spaces that resonate with your unique lifestyle.

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